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I’ll Be Your Advocate and Coach in the Home Buying Process

Let’s work together and plant those Northern Rocky Mountain roots!

It’s no secret that people want to move here and at times it feels like everyone and their brother is staking their claim in Montana. It can be an overwhelming process when good, well-priced homes sell within days of going on the market. So you have to act fast! That’s why you need me on your side. I will take the time beforehand to help you figure out and make sense of not only the local real estate market, but truly uncover your heart’s desire when it comes to your ideal home. Together, we will go over realistic options for locations, taking into account the best neighborhoods, school districts, and commute times. We’ll envision your most pleasing, functional space; a place to grow as you and your family evolves, so that we know it when we find it. And we’ll plan a strategy so we can act fast when it’s GO time. I’ll be 100% honest with you so there are no surprises. With me as your advocate and coach, we’ll organize and brainstorm options, sort through and simplify red tape, and give a voice to the emotions that go into home buying, together. Remember, I’m always just a phone call away, and I’ll be by your side as much as you need. I’m ready if you are. Let’s start working together so I can get you into your new home and plant those Northern Rocky Mountain roots as soon as possible!

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