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Share the Montana Dream with Cowboys and Ski Bums, Alike

One thing you’ll continuously hear Bozemanites say is how much Bozeman is growing. Once upon a time, Bozeman was just a small cowboy town, and Big Sky was only for the die-hard ski bums. But, the secret is out. Development and economy are increasing so rapidly here that it’s hard to relate to other areas in the nation facing decline. The rate of growth in Gallatin County annually is just under 4%, making it the nation’s 24th fastest growing county (with others in Utah, Colorado, and Texas). People are flocking to our area from all corners of the country and we can’t really blame them. Who doesn’t want shorter commutes, happier communities, more active lifestyles, and better lives all around? We may complain about traffic, but it’s still nothing compared to other areas. Here, that old adage is true about not having to lock your doors. Though it is a little disheartening to see large parcels of what was once ranch land sold to the highest bidder. Chances are all that old family land will become the next commercial center, erecting mixed-use commercial/restaurant/office buildings on what was once a quiet pasture.

Saddle up, Gallatin County grows at a rate of almost 4% annually.

Bozeman Health, our hospital serving the greater part of Southwest Montana, has seen phenomenal growth in the last 5-10 years. They’ve constructed a brand new Emergency Room, five-story office and patient care tower, Cancer Center, and completed state-of-the-art expansion sites in Big Sky and Belgrade to serve Bozeman’s surrounding communities. Montana State University has undergone several new campus builds including a brand new dorm and several new Halls including that for chemistry, business, and engineering, as well as MSU’s first parking garage. As if that wasn’t enough, our airport is next up on the growth train with large expansions in the works. Just a few years ago, dedicated on/off ramps off Interstate 90 were constructed, redirecting traffic throughout the entire area. Additionally, Bozeman just got it’s eighth elementary school and is actively planning for it’s second high school. But along with progress comes opportunity. Long time locals are finding it easier than ever to make a good living opening their dream business; restaurants, coffee shops, breweries, distilleries, gift shops, artisan/maker goods, or serving as hunting, fishing, and mountain guides, or even crafting skis and snowboards by hand. The sky is the limit and in Montana, you can be and do whatever you dare.

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