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Every one of us finds ourselves in Southwest Montana for different, often deeply personal reasons. Yet, Big Sky Country’s undeniable freedom and open spaces are strong unifying motivations. Though our paths are diverse, many of us find common ground in our strong work ethic, willingness to take risks, love of exploration, and humble independence; Montana’s true spirit personified. We are a people unafraid to blaze our own paths, whether in the backcountry or in life itself. This is why we are here. It is certainly why I am here.

When we decided to buy a place in Bozeman to be closer to the grand kids we hired Mike to find us a place that would fit our needs for the six months a year we will be spending in Bozeman.  We were very pleased he was able to find us a great place in a nice neighborhood close to where our son and his family live.  The grand kids can pop over anytime and we just love it.  

With our son and his family so busy, when we leave for the year, we have Mike and his wife manage and watch over our home. They take care of everything for us even the thing we never realized we would need to have done being second home owners. Every little issue that has come up Mike has been on top of and keeps us up to date on everything.

If someone was to buy a second home in Bozeman we can’t imagine finding anyone better than Mr. Rivers to help buy your home and then manage it as well.  He and his team have been a blessing!

Linda and Ron

Boston, MA

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Working to Find Your Perfect Fit

I am committed to helping clients find the perfect property for themselves and their families, a place they can stretch their legs and breathe. If selling, I will fetch top dollar for your home’s full potential. Utilizing the strong role model my grandfather set forth when I was small. I am a fair, yet unflinching, businessman. He’d have it no other way. My wife says I’m also kind and a good listener or else she wouldn’t have married me. This is good for both of us because it helps me navigate our dynamic real estate market, sort through options, and take the time to really get to know my clients; your wants, needs, and imaginations genuinely and out of real interest.

My wife and I are both small business owners, second home caretaking and ceramic arts, respectively. Raising two small children under the big sky makes our lives feel complete, though messy and chaotic at times. Connection with friends and family is foremost in our lives. And, we give back. Part of our legacy is giving annually to Warriors and Quiet Waters, a local non-profit facilitating therapeutic fly fishing for combat veterans, and the Dana-Farber Institute (The Jimmy Fund), one of the leading cancer research hospitals for children.

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