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Rally the Troops and Have a Team of Licensed Tradesmen on Your Side

The Rivers brothers bring over 40 years combined project management experience.

And that is on large commercial billion-dollar construction jobs, including hospitals and institutions. Just imagine the expertise Mike and Jamie will bring to your remodeling and home improvement goals with their long list of property management resources.

A Licensed Plumber for over 20 years, Mike holds licenses in two states, which include Masters, Medical Gases, Boilers and several certificates for working with specific types of plumbing materials. He has served as Foreman for many different large-scale construction jobs including Gaines Hall on the MSU Campus (add more buildings you’ve done with names that people will recognize–adds notoriety.)

Jamie has worked as a Licensed Electrician for over 20 years, as well. Working nationwide, Jamie developed a niche specializing in chairlift electricity for ski resorts with companies such as Leitner-Poma. He joined the Yellowstone Club in their early days and has been part of many of YC’s biggest mountain projects.

With our combined experience and expertise, we are confident there is nothing you can throw at us that we haven’t seen or cannot handle. Challenge accepted. Additionally, having worked first-hand with so many great tradesmen in all fields, we know our way around the industry and will hand-select the appropriate tradesman to suit your demands.