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Meet 3RM Owner Mike Rivers

The Start of 3RM

Mike Rivers lives just outside Bozeman city limits with his wife and two children. Mike has a degree in Business Administration and has worked as a Licensed Plumber for twenty years. He holds licenses in two states, including Masters, Medical Gases, Boilers and several certificates for working with specific types of plumbing materials. Mike has served as Foreman for many different large-scale construction projects from commercial to high-end custom homes.

I am very committed to my clients and just love everything about real estate. I am passionate in helping my real estate clients buy or sell their most precious investment, their homes. I enjoy hunting, fly fishing, golfing, backcountry skiing, and just being around my family, spending time with them and working around the house, enlisting my kids to help out.

Mike Rivers

Owner, 3RM Properties

Meet Mike

In 2013, Mike started 3RM Properties. Property Management and Second Home Caretaking was a way for Mike to rekindle his love of real estate he had garnered from his grandfather, a landowner, and businessman in Massachusetts. Though Mike loved working with his hands and problem-solving in the field of plumbing, the old joints were getting a bit rusty, and he made the choice to leave plumbing in favor of real estate. It turns out that 3RM was just the start of his newfound love of land, properties, and a love of helping others manage their real estate assets. In 2016, Mike became a Licensed Realtor for Ranch & Resort, a Real Estate Group local to Bozeman and Big Sky.

3RM owner Mike Rivers standing in a snowy field smiling while leaning on an old cabin
Jamie Rivers of 3RM

Meet Jamie

Jamie Rivers lives in Big Sky with his longtime girlfriend and dog. Jamie has been living and working in Big Sky before it was cool, since 1998. He knows everyone and is one of the original, though former, ski bums. An Electrician for over twenty years, Jamie currently holds his Masters license in the state of Montana. Working nationwide, Jamie developed a niche specializing in chairlift electricity for ski resorts with companies such as Leitner-Poma. He joined the Yellowstone Club in their early days and has been part of many of YC’s biggest mountain projects. Jamie and his girlfriend have traveled all over the world surfing, skiing, and snowboarding. Jamie enjoys almost everything the outdoors and mountains have to offer. If you love to travel and have an adventurous spirit, you will love hanging out with Jamie.